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14 September 2011 @ 11:10 pm
I'm now using blogger because of more customization options

my new blog is here : (click me)
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31 July 2010 @ 02:10 am
So I've been working on several projects the past few months, but haven't really been able to complete any of them yet. I keep getting sidetracked.

I started a couple paintings which I still intend to finish, but after preparing the canvases and priming and starting laying down the ground color and little more than that, I got majorly distracted with the idea of making toys. So I've been researching and learning a ton, mostly about BJDs and artist bears, and soft and hard sculpture and a tiny bit of casting. I'm wishing I had taken something beyond 3D design (the required 101 type class) in the 3D area while I was in college... I took a fiber arts and book arts and papermaking, but it would be nice to have learned some hard sculpture and casting. I just wasn't interested back then, but now I am... >:/

Anyway I'm posting these projects to try and force myself to finish something. This rarely works, but I'll try anyway :P

The paintings I'm working on are for Michael and me, for our house. Or they will be when I finish them. Also if I like how they turn out I may use them for a portfolio. I was also thinking when I started them that I wanted to see if I wanted to do painting for money, I'm still not sure about that... I had the inner frames of these custom-made at a wood shop and bought the canvas and nailed it to the frame myself:

chassis on canvas, ready to cut canvas cut, ready to nail
Aren't those chassis preeetty? @.@
That wood was too hard for the staples, so I had to buy little nails and use a hammer instead of the staplegun!

ready to prime
And here they are done, waiting to be primed.

I also made some little square ones, on which I used glue, that is, matte medium, instead of nails...

Aaaand the priming...

Ready to paint!
Here are all my canvases in a row.

blue with purple mountains...
And this is how far I got on the blue one (there is also a green one in the works which I haven't photographed) before I got sidetracked.

In the end it cost me the same as buying ready made frames. They are much better quality, but so much more work @.@ Only worth it for special paintings.

As for the toy idea, I've been researching a ton, but also I did a couple little tests. I don't have that many resources to mess around with right now so I had to work with what I got. I still would like to do more, even these tests aren't really finished.

Boots the tiny tiny BJDish test doll
Meet Boots. I made him in one night as a test to BJD making. He is made out of Sculpey and strung with some sewing elastic, cause that's what I had on hand. It's normally recommended to use stronger materials, but it worked for him.

Boots is little!
Maybe it worked (as in the sculpey didn't break) because he is so small. Or maybe I should have strung him tighter? I will have to make a larger prototype...

Boots and Plug
He is cute though... or was, until

I decided to paint him. His boots needed to be red. I'm afraid all the colors turned out way too bright and made him slightly gaudy though. :( I was debating on either dulling him down or turning him into a clown cat. I've been drawing clowns recently, for some wierd unknown reason :P

As far as his test purpose, he served his goal by proving Sculpey is possible. But his sillouette is pretty clunky smoothness-wise (in part, again, due to his size, and also speed of manufacture) and his joints and movement is all sorts of wonky. I kinda got attached to his wonkyness as I like things that have a mind of their own, but really it's something that needs improving. Also his knots are showing...

Okay on to the next "work-in-progress". This is the monkey I made as an artist bear over the past couple weeks:

stare~! STAAARE~!
He had these creepy, buggy, staring, misplaced eyes (which was a first attempt at stuffed animal eyes made out of Sculpey) which I have since removed and that's the only reason he is still unfinished, I need to make him new eyes now.

Making of Monkey
He was made out of some unused chocolate brown socks my Dad got from TAM airlines one flight, and an old T-shirt he was throwing away, and some of his electric wire and metal nuts. Also some of my old sewing stuff, some really old yarn for stuffing, some clean sand for weight and dental floss and elastic. Oh, and the sculpey eyes which I may make him new ones from Sculpey again, maybe, I haven't decided.

By the way the nuts and floss and elastic combination for the joints didn't work. It wasn't tight or stable enough, and the fabric was wrong for it. Oh well. It was a good try with what I had available.

I actually learned a LOT with this little monkey. I got a bunch of stuff wrong but I've got new ideas. First of all, stretchy fabric doesn't work for a jointed stuffed animal, unless you know how to sew stitches with the right amount of stretch in them (too advanced for me), because you have to pack the stuffing in tight enough to hold the limbs in place and not have them be all floppy dangly. The electric wire part seems to work, and the yarn worked alright but I think I'd rather work with real stuffing (cotton or polyester). And sand for weight does not work, especially with stretchy fabric, as he's leaking sand all over the place, a few scattered grains at a time. I guess if you had a coarse sand and a non-stretchy fabric with a fairly closed weave it might work, but it didn't work in this case.

One great thing I figured out I can do without much problem is needle sculpting! Look at that face, and those hands and feet! yay! I mean, he could look cuter but needle sculpting won't be a problem. Plus it's his colors and the fact his muzzle is way too big for a monkey. Oh, and his eyes, but I already said that. So next time I make a monkey: smaller muzzle too.

Hrm. That would be a finished project if it wasn't for the eyes. *rants* Oh well, I'll fix that soon.

I did finish one thing recently (well, about a month ago) but it's outdated already, hehehe:

Brasil na copa!

Nah, I guess not, since we'll all keep cheering for Brasil during the next however many world cups ^_^

And that's about all I have to show for now, I hope to post some updates soon.
I leave you with some more of creepy-face monkey.

He's staring at YOU!!! O.O ;P

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20 May 2010 @ 07:54 pm
Hello, web. I haven't posted in forever. Where have I been? Right?

Well... I have not been totally idle (guilt feelings :P) but have been busy with real life: my marriage and moving to another country!

So a month or so after the wedding I am finally getting stuff wrapped up with all that, now who knows, maybe I can start getting serious about this art stuff... maybe a blog and website revamp will be in order :D
But only after I get some work done on my portfolio... poor thing needs some new stuff in it, everything I've been working on recently is too personal. :P

so... cheers! :P

yes I made the topper and invites and website too :}
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23 June 2009 @ 02:41 am

Done for Bill and Jenni and "Sprout"

Just a couple snapshots... color came out not that great on the pics

[edit 06-27-2009 - Okay, tried to fix the colors in the photos a bit in photoshop... It's still not very close to the original but at least you can get the idea. see below.]

yellow light


colored pencils. a bit larger than 8.5 x 11.
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02 April 2009 @ 08:28 pm

I <3 my family
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soon to come

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04 February 2009 @ 03:10 pm
So here is the website I did the icons for mentioned in the previous post:


I'll write more later, sleepyheaded now
21 November 2008 @ 04:38 pm
Soooo it's been a while...

I have been actually working on several projects, surprisingly, but I can't post them yet... Honest I have been drawing!

Helena's wedding was a couple weekends ago, here is an image of the invitation, taken from her wedding blog:

Helena's invitation

Looks really nice in person, I don't know who she got to do the printing but it really turned out well. She used it on a guest book thingie too, I will post with updates when I get pictures... Saw a couple pictures of the wedding, looks like it was really pretty, wish I could have gone. Parabéns, Lê!

And since we are speaking of weddings, I also did another project for a wedding last weekend, Jenni and Bill's wedding program, need to figure out how to post pdfs to this blogie...

[update] Okay, I think I have figured out how to share the pdf. Try previewing it, if that doesn't work you can try to download it.:

Bill and Jenni's wedding program
click here

[end update]

Her wedding I did get to go to, really pretty, I need to get pictures when they upload them... Have to wait till they get back from the honeymoon, I guess, lol XD

And just so people know what I have been up to, I have, since Helena's project, worked on a series of twelve illustrations for a nice remake of the ROCHA brasil project, but that's not going to be published until the middle of next year, so I have a long wait until I can post them online... I'm happy with the new illustrations though, but for now I can only show them off in person,( just ask ;).

Also finished three illusrations/buttons for a website my cousin is redesigning for a children's preschool, they came out really nice too. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them since the site isn't live yet, so I'll just put a little lineart work in progress as a preview. I'll post the finished ones later too.

Infantil line art

And finally, I kinda never posted the mascot/icon project I did for my uncle, Renato.

Here's a little look:

Small Bee Large Bee

And a link to his website, he works with making videos. Some documentaries, lately: www.renatokerr.com.br

And so that's about it. I maybe working on yet another wedding project, I'm waiting to hear back... I know, not that much to show, but the blog's been looking so neglected... Needed to get it to stop looking so bummy. Haha!


24 April 2008 @ 02:03 pm
A little while ago I did an image for one of my best friends in Campinas, Helena.
She's getting married in november:


Her wedding blog, with photos, links and a small version of the above, is here: Leandro e Helena: felizes como nunca
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